(in post-production)

Director, Writer, Producer

Brian James Crewe

Producer Matt Keil

Starring Jennifer Berry & Claudio Predieri

Synopsis: A passionate Argentine Tango dance fantasy featuring a woman exploring the sensual and dangerous possibilities presented by a potential new lover.

Genres: Dance


(in post-production)

Directed by Brian James Crewe

Produced by

Brian James Crewe & Matt Keil

Screenplay by Brian James Crewe,

Joe Holt, Matt Keil, Amy Sloan

Based on the stage play by Mario Rivas

Starring Joe Holt & Amy Sloan

Synopsis: Martin and Cassandra’s promising second date takes an unexpected turn when their conversation challenges personal beliefs and their assumptions about each other. By the end of the night both will find they are living in a world much different than what they believed it to be.

Genres: Comedy, Drama



Written & Created by

Brian James Crewe

A one-hour drama chronicling the tumultuous life of silent-screen star Mabel Normand. Through her astonishing story, the series will explore the love affairs, scandals, and innovations of Hollywood’s first generation of movie stars.

- Runner-up: Best Series Pilot Script

   John Milius Screenwriting Award

- Finalist: ScreenCraft TV Pilot


- Quarter Finalist: Page International 

   Screenwriting Awards

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Period


BT Poster copy.jpg


Director: Brian James Crewe

Screenplay: Brian James Crewe

Story: Brian James Crewe

and Hugh Aodh O'Brien

Script Available for purchase on

Synopsis: A real-time, time-travel movie.
Secure in an impenetrable building, scientists David and Samantha struggle to create a time machine while keeping their relationship from melting down. When their experiment malfunctions, David begins jumping to different time periods inside the compound. He finds that the world is headed for a horrific future. Aided by a mysterious time traveler, Cassandra, David has only 45 minutes to find his way back to the woman he loves and to save the future.

- Screenplay Selection

   Skyline Indie Film Festival

- Quarter Finalist: ScreenCraft

   Sci-Fi Contest

Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi


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