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Culver City Film Festival - December 6  -   6pm
Santa Clarita Film Festival - December 11 - 10am (use code 'FLAT')
Vienna International Film Awards - December 11 -   7pm

December 2 - 6pm  - Culver City Film Festival
Dec. 9 - 7:30pm (use code 'CABECEO') - Santa Clarita Film Festival


About Brian James Crewe

Director | Writer | Producer | Editor

(He/Him) Brian has directed numerous projects including the award-winning short films "Cabeceo", “Far”, “Une Libération,” and “Electoral Emissions,” as well as commercials for Princess Cruises. Brian co-produced the zombie-cult-classic “Dance of the Dead,” which was released by Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Underground through Lionsgate Films.